Victor Bout’s wife said her husband win the verdict of lawyers and Russia

“I think this is the victory of our defense, Victor and our country. If the judge gave a minimum, it means that it recognized the failure allegations” - Alla Bout told reporters.

Wife convicted thanked the Russian government and the belief that the Russian authorities will facilitate the return of Booth’s home.

“I expect statements from the Russian Foreign Ministry, made up in a harsh manner,” - said Alla Bout. “I hope that the issue (Booth returned to Russia) will be resolved soon,” - she said.

Alla Bout listened in the courtroom verdict calmly and after the hearing went out to reporters.

6 April 2012

In the U.S., was sentenced to ten life terms ex-cop who became a drug cartel boss, “Juarez” and killed 1,500 people
U.S. national debt exceeded 100% of GDP. The rating agencies have started to lower U.S. credit rating for the second time

• Booth's appeal to the Protection of the Ministry of Justice with a request for his extradition »»»
Protecting the entrepreneur Viktor Bout, who was convicted in the United States on charges of arms trafficking.
• Victor Bout was sentenced to 25 years in prison »»»
Federal District Court in New York sentenced a 44-year-old Russian citizen Viktor Bout to 25 years in prison, reports Associated Press.
• WikiLeaks has published secret details of the case of Victor Bout. (It follows from them that Washington had on the Bangkok political pressure to get their hands on Russians) »»»
In the disposal site WikiLeaks hit, in particular the letter of U.
• In Russia, the issuance of Bout has caused a storm: FM outraged, humiliated by the Duma, Federation Council is afraid. »»»
Thai authorities, who decided to extradite to the United States a Russian businessman Viktor Bout, succumbed to the unprecedented political pressure the Americans.
• Booth won the case: the court of Thailand in the second case refused to extradite him - what next? »»»
BANGKOK, Oct. 5. Russian Viktor Bout today won process initiated by the U.

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