CNN: Chinese fighter scared US reconnaissance plane over the Yellow Sea

Chinese fighter performed “dangerous maneuver” in front of an American reconnaissance plane RC-135, CNN reported, citing the Pentagon.

The incident happened on September 15 over the Yellow Sea, but the official representative of the US military Peter Cook told about it only today. He noted that the interceptor pilots described the action as “unsafe, but not threatening collision.” Cook added that the incident, though studied so far, does not look like a kind of provocation.

News from the Pentagon appeared on the day that President Xi Jinping began his visit to the United States.

Actions defended the Chinese border fighter has provoked a strong reaction in Washington. For example, Senator John McCain, who heads the Armed Services Committee, said that “the incident is proof that Beijing spends in the Asia-Pacific region aggressively.”

This is not the first such incident between China and the US Air Force. Last year, the PLA fighter approached the anti-submarine patrol aircraft to P-8, a distance of seven meters and demonstrated the American pilots mounted weapons.

23 September 2015

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