NBC’s forced militants LIH shave bears

Broadcaster NBC News amazed the world with his tweet - saying that “The men shave IG bears and hide in civilian homes, to avoid air strikes.” A little later, when social networks started a real hurricane sarcasm, they apologized and told TV reporters that confused “bears” (bears) and “beards” (beard). However, this gaffe NBC will halloo to one another for a long time - all the social networks had gone cartoons and questions “than bears shaving save from the bombings.”

In fact, the Western media often talk nonsense about distant countries - and, by the way, many viewers believe them. For example, PBS showed a program about forbidden in the Russian Federation group IG. The TV said that “as a result of the US Air Force strikes destroyed more than a hundred tank trucks transporting illegally extracted oil by terrorists.” That’s just the Iranian television channel Press TV noted a striking fact - the video at this point shows … kadly impact VKS Russia for refinery LIH.

There were more serious situation. For example, the Broadcasting Corporation BBC excluded from the English version of the interview with Viktor Yanukovych of his recognition of the “exit from the Ukraine in a referendum in March 2014 was supported by 90% of the Crimean people.” With this in Russian versiieta information left.

Television channel CNN cut from an interview with Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin his comments that a significant part of the population of Syria supports Assad. In addition, the broadcast of CNN’s leading Global Exchange program, the Russian prime minister allegedly met distracting buzz in the Congress of “United Russia” party

In turn, millions of Americans watching the Olympics even had to use a live broadcast from Canada or from the UK. Broadcaster NBC, which bought exclusive rights to broadcast the Games, not only showed the ceremony with a 10-hour delay, but also carved out of it all positive about Russia.

In addition, a European television channel “of Euronews” in its English version provides the frame of the action “Immortal regiment” of Donetsk for … March Stalinists separatists.

There were also curiosities. So the American Fox News has issued a video of riots in Greece for “revolt white ribbons in Moscow” (yeah, with palm trees), and CNN has named the riots at the Manege Square riot Russians because of jet lag.

Distinguished and television news reports that Russia celebrates 300 years of the abolition of the right of castle “with migrant workers, slave traders, and prostitutes.” Another broadcaster CNN warned - “in case of your modern smart phones will climb the Red Army, it would mean an attack of the Soviets in the Western countries.”

15 February 2016

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