The world gendarme tired (US want their hegemony is now paying the Allies)

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has once again threw a stone in the garden of the North Atlantic alliance. “All members of NATO want to use the financial power of the United States only for their benefit We pay a lot of money, and all this time we have inflated all 28 members of the alliance have deceived..” - Cut plain truth Trump April 13 in an interview to CNN .

It could take no more than a pre-election move of the candidate. Recently, however, in the US there are more publications that put into question the allocation of the activities of the unit costs.

In particular, in a recent article National Interest says that “as early as 1980, the ninth year it became apparent that due to the lethargy and pettiness US allies could not take more, if not all, the responsibility for their own security.”

According to the author, analyst Doug Bendou, just unbelievable that Washington allows its partners in Asia and the EU to hide behind the White House. Bendou believes that the real threat to the existence of the United States does not. There is no equal in strength of the enemy, there is no ideological confrontation, no more able to challenge the US global power, does not create any alliance that may become the enemy of Washington, there is a coalition of opponents of the White House, global trade is not threatened.

According to the analyst, for example, South Korea, which is 40 times the level of GDP is superior to North Korea would be the deal with the threat from Pyongyang, which is touted as one of the main threats to US security.

“What would sooner or nominated argued that Washington should play the role of the US global policeman, times have changed. No need to go to war to protect markets and trading partners. On the other hand, have a large population and successful friends United States should defend themselves in including its economic interests, “- summarizes Bendou.

Opinion polls in the United States also show that the Americans would like to focus on domestic issues, they increasingly difficult to understand why so much to spend on the content of NATO and without end “restore order” in different parts of the world.

Is poured sentiment data in real reorganization or dissolution of the alliance?

- Of course, none of the American politicians holding high public office, will not allow today saying that the US can no longer afford to play the role of global hegemon, - said the director of the US Research Foundation of the Franklin D. Roosevelt (Moscow State University), Yuri Rogulёv. - While everyone understands that the United States this role is given more and more difficult. Therefore, we will see how gradually, something even painfully, the American establishment will reconsider its position, rejecting the old part of the “global ambitions.”

It is also clear why ordinary Americans are becoming less optimistic due to the exorbitant military expenditures of the state. Throughout most of history in American society dominated sentiment of isolationism. Since the United States - the country economically and politically self-sufficient in many respects. Everything changed dramatically just in the years of the Cold War, when the Americans for the first time felt that their geographical location does not save us from the nuclear threat, to the same they were led to believe that they have an obvious enemy.

Now the Americans are again trying to instill this threat, but much less successful. It changed the international situation has changed people’s minds, the state of American society.

In addition, sensible Americans do not from time to time not to wonder: what NATO already includes 28 countries where the Alliance is not opposed to any military-political bloc in the world? After all, the US pays about 80% of all expenditures of NATO.

“SP”: - That is, it turns out that Europeans are cutting back on defense at the expense of the United States?

- Yes exactly. High standard of living in Western Europe to a large extent due to the fact that the minimum defense spending. Therefore, the Europeans, although from time to time and show discontent with dependent status from the United States, do not seek to get rid of him.

However, there are opposing tendencies. Europeans from the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union has repeatedly raised the issue of creating a European armed forces, but the Americans firmly nipped this process. Since European military organization directly call into question the need for NATO and, therefore, the political weight of the United States on the world stage will decrease significantly.

“SP”: - NATO, despite all the talk, continues to strengthen its position. In particular, Eastern Europe is planned to transfer additional military units. On the agenda - the creation of a new NATO base in Poland. What does this mean?

- The Americans want to do it all at the expense of its European allies. Even during the “Soviet threat” they periodically raised the issue of increasing European defense spending. Now the situation has become more complicated, because in addition to the “old” Europe, a member of NATO during the confrontation with the Soviet Union, the Alliance has entered a “new” Europe. This is Poland, the Baltic states, Romania - newly made allies of the US, which in any case did not oppose the action of the United States, look them in the mouth, because they found their patrons. But to pay for participation in NATO, they are in no hurry. While Germany and France are sometimes allowed themselves to have a special opinion about the NATO action. In particular, they opposed the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

In addition, it is necessary to understand that the so-called strengthening of NATO in Eastern Europe, it is rather indicative share. Of course, military analysts of the alliance say that the need to create a rapid response team “in response to Russia’s actions,” but they also recognize that, in the case of real clashes all the NATO units in Eastern Europe seriously affect the situation can not.

- Yes, in the United States more and more analysts recognize that their own expense to play the role of world policeman country can not, - says a leading expert of the Center for Military-Political Studies, Moscow State Institute Mikhail Alexandrov. - But on the other hand, and to give up this role the United States is not so easy going. So now they make stuffing information designed to ensure that NATO allies realized that they must themselves pay for their safety. And Donald Trump’s statements on the subject of NATO - from the same series. In my view, wrongly perceived as a supporter of isolationism Trump, ready to give up a large part of the world influence.

US establishment understands that in the world there are more and more new power poles - India, China, Russia, Brazil, etc. And keep the hegemony increasingly difficult… Therefore, the Americans want to force its allies to fork: the European Union, Japan, South Korea. But at the same time, they are still going “all steer.” It is interesting to see whether the United States will be able to maintain its global leadership role, but to others it paid for?

“SP”: - And if that fails?

- There are several options. First - just walk away from the regions where it is not possible to establish their control. But it is the United States do not want to go. The second option - to negotiate with the other strong military powers on the division of spheres of influence. For example, with Russia could be reached an agreement that the Russian sphere of interest - the post-Soviet space, and the US do not interfere here. In return, they get more freedom of action in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East. At the same time save on the fact that it is not necessary to spend money on confrontation with Russia. The Americans and yet have not ripened. You have to understand the fact that during the Cold War with the Soviet Union the US European allies suffered serious military spending and have fully combat-ready army. And now European armies have almost no advanced weapons. More or less the situation with aircraft, but it is becoming obsolete. There is a lack of well-trained military specialists. As demonstrated by the military operation in Libya, Europeans did not have even a sufficient amount of ammunition. Americans came to rescue.

And the countries of Eastern Europe and even honestly believe that their defense must pay mainly the United States. Therefore, the Americans and want to improve the combat capability of its allies, but also for their own account.

14 April 2016

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