Chief of Staff US Air Force can become a pilot, shot down over Yugoslavia in 1999

Given the active export of Russian S-300 systems are the “experienced” people of the United States Air Force badly needed.

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter proposed on Friday the candidacy of Gen. David Goldfeyna for the post of Chief of the Air Staff.

Goldfeyn - a professional pilot, who in 1999 was shot down over Yugoslavia, but escaped captivity.

Goldfeyna candidacy to be approved by the US Senate, as in the case of c other senior commanders.

Speaking at the Pentagon, Carter said “a political and military experience,” the general, who, according to him, will help the fight against terrorism. Goldfeyn “deep understanding of the changing nature of war and the threats that we face,” said Carter.

During the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO forces Goldfeyn was the commander of a squadron of F-16 was shot down by Yugoslav air defense forces May 2, 1999. He managed to evacuate a space bailout NATO helicopter forces before he could be capture. Total general Goldfeyn has flown over 4000 hours on airplanes T-37, T-38. The F-16. F-117A and MQ-9.

30 April 2016

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