US prepared a report to contain opponents in space

The US government has developed and submitted to the US Congress a report on curbing the “opponents” in outer space[/t[t:tag slug=prostranstvo]space. This is stated in the brief notice given on Thursday on behalf of President Barack Obama’s Chairman of the Committee on Armed Services of the Senate and House of Representatives. The text of the notification circulated the same day, the press service of the White House.

As indicated in this document, it is a report which sets out “an integrated policy to ensure that deter enemies in space.” The report is the product of “interagency process” aimed, in particular, the fact that “to reduce the risks for the US and its allies in space, protect and preserve” access to near-Earth space, and “freedom of action” in it. “Success will require many years of effort” on the part of “all ministries and agencies,” Obama said in the notice.

Tass correspondent turned to the National Security Council (NSC) of the White House with a request to provide a copy of the report. “The content of the report is veiled in secrecy,” - he said in response to the representative of the National Security Council. He explained that the US administration to prepare a report required to “new requirement” of the Appropriation Act for military purposes in the current financial year.

27 May 2016

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