USS broke down in the Pacific Ocean

Warship LCS Coronado Naval forces of the United States has failed in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is reported by Defense News.
According to the newspaper, it is now quiet on the ship go back to the port of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. 70 sailors are on board.

Defense News said that for American warships of the navy, this failure has already become the fourth in the last nine months. Officials from the US Navy has not yet been able to assess the extent of damage and its impact on the various vehicle systems. They also found it difficult to call the time it will take to eliminate the problems.

In July, on the same ship, Freedom has failed diesel engine. In January, the ship broke in Fort Worth Singapore port. In December last year, the newest ship Milwaukee had to be taken to the port in tow due to software problems

31 August 2016

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• In the Black Sea appeared again the U.S. Navy frigate "Johnl Hall" »»»
American warship “Johnl Hall” - (FFG - 32) on Thursday morning entered the territorial waters of Georgia and stood raid at the port of Poti.
• The Americans shot down a boat in the Gulf UAE (The shelling killed one person and three others were injured) »»»
USS USNS Rappahannock opened fire on a fishing boat in the Persian Gulf off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, killing one person and wounding three.
• Because of the Jewish movement "Habat Lubavitch" Russian sailing ship "Hope" is not allowed in the port of San Francisco »»»
The planned entry into the American port of San Francisco Russian sailing ship “Hope” was canceled.
• In the United States Navy dismissed for drunkenness commander of submarine »»»
Command of the Navy United States dismissed for “drunkenness” shock commander of the submarine “Chicago”, equipped with a nuclear power plant.
• U.S. destroyer sank a boat with refugees in the Gulf of Aden in an attempt to save them »»»
The tragedy ended with an attempt to USS to help refugees from Somalia, drifting on a boat in the Gulf of Aden.

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