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In the implementation of the program of public satellite Internet Elon Musk and Greg Wyler there have been some success and unexpected changes. In the autumn of last year, “Computerra” already wrote about the origin of this initiative. Then she was still together, and the mask and Wyler were to be cofounders. Over the past three months, developers have specified a number of technical details, enlisted the support of large companies and received the first investment. However, due to a disagreement two variants of one project is now developing and OneWeb SpaceX independently.

As before, the small satellites will be located at an altitude of 1200 - 1210 km. This is much closer to the earth’s surface than most currently used telecommunication satellites. On the one hand, the height does not require frequent lifting of the orbit due to deceleration in the thermosphere (satellites are well above it). On the other - the distance to the ground stations and the required power transmitters are an order of magnitude smaller than traditional values.

24 January 2015

Pew Research: Americans Obama declared incompetent dictator
Media: In the State Department turned back to the opportunity to influence Russia through disconnection from SWIFT

• Thousand sponsors supported the project of the American search of traces on the moon »»»
Thousand initiated by Russian sponsors support the enthusiasts microsatellite project development to continue taking American astronauts on the moon - has already collected more than 1.
• The U.S. military ordered the flying-terrain vehicle capable of vertical takeoff and landing. »»»
Yes, it is again DARPA, the U.S. Agency defense development, famous for the huge number of impressive technology - and more are absolutely fantastic failures.
• In the US, SpaceX was able to drop to the ground after the start of the first stage of its rocket »»»
American company SpaceX on Monday for the first time succeeded in controlled descent to the ground level of the bottom of its launch vehicle Falcon 9, to save it for reuse.
• American billionaire orbited the first private space satellite (Competitor Russian "Proton" took off, but on the third try) »»»
Today began a full-fledged business in the era of space exploration, without the participation of state-owned corporations: the first private company to orbit a satellite private.
• Lockheed Martin to protect U.S. from cyber attacks »»»
The Corporation has won a tender worth 454 million dollars to build a laboratory that will work the American defense companies, threatened by cyber-attacks.

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