American millionaire offered to create a separate state for refugees

American millionaire Jason Buzi figured out how to solve the refugee issue once and for all. A businessman of Israeli origin, property sales in San Francisco, proposed the creation of a separate state for them.

According to the businessman, the millions of refugees around the world could live on the island. If this area is not there, you can create an artificial island, said Buzi. However, his idea has already faced criticism: its opponents believe that you can not treat the refugees as a leper. According to Huffington Post, Busi did not consider the idea insane or impossible. The businessman who is part of the 1% richest people in America, hoping to get funding from the governments of various countries and other wealthy people to create a shelter for 60 million people.

According to a millionaire, Israel - a perfect example of how to create a new country. Busi was 11-page report, which briefly described his plan. He believes that the state of refugees can create a sparsely populated territory of any developed country, you can buy the island in some countries like Indonesia, but you can do to create an artificial island. “There is a solution, and it is obvious. It may sound grandiose, but it is not just logical - it is the only effective solution to the refugee problem - said Buzi. - Today, there are 195 sovereign states, but we need one more thing - a place that every refugee from any country will be able to call home. A place where all citizens are equal regardless of their origin or religion. ” The businessman said that the new state would be “a powerful work culture” and opportunities not only for work but also for learning.

“In the new country to do so would not be difficult - he said. - There will need to create the infrastructure - to build houses, roads, bridges and power plants.” Reporters contacted the International Red Cross, but no one there was able to comment on the idea of ​​Buzi. The British Council for Refugees also declined to comment.

28 July 2015

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