Russia, the United States and Germany made an unpleasant surprise to Kiev

The Ukrainian government expects an extremely unpleasant surprise: the next partners in Kiev - the US and Germany signed with Russia’s energy state corporation “Gazpromagreement on the extension of “Nord Stream” pipeline bypassing Ukraine. The deal was concluded in the framework of the Eastern Economic Forum, taking place these days in Vladivostok, reports Tass.

The document was signed by representatives of the six largest energy companies of the world, including the German BASF SE and E.ON SE, the French ENGIE, Austrian OMV AG and American Shell.

Implementation of the “Nord Stream” will take over the joint project company New European Pipeline AG. The share of Russia’s energy state corporation in the transaction is 51%. The project envisages the construction of the third and fourth strands with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters annually.

“Blue fuel” will come from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea, and then distributed across Europe.

The agreement between Moscow and Western partners for the construction of two strands of “Nord Stream” has been reached at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum in June 2015. It is planned that after 2019 Russia will supply gas to the EU, bypassing Ukrainian territory.

5 September 2015

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