Do not be an organization of nations, united by fear and mistrust. It Pope Francis to the UN General Assembly. Most full text

September 25 Pope Francis paid a historic visit to the UN headquarters, the first time in the history of the popes that happened during the session of the General Assembly.

Address words of gratitude to the Secretary General Pan Ki-moon and welcomed all the heads of states and governments, diplomats and officials from the UN and its agencies, the Holy Father said that the Pope is the fifth time pays a visit to the UN, considering the organization as “a legal and political Reply adequate historic moment, characterized by the overcoming of distances and boundaries. ” This response is required because “technical capabilities in the hands of nationalist and false universalist ideologies can produce terrible disaster.”

Pope listed the main achievements of the United Nations for 70 years of its history: it is the development of international law and the development of international human rights law and humanitarian law, and the solution of many conflicts, as well as other achievements in various fields of human activity. These successes are “light, contrasting with the darkness of confusion generated by uncontrolled ambition and collective manifestations of selfishness.” “Mankind could not survive in the uncontrolled use of their own opportunities,” - said the Pope, stressing the need to “adapt to date” and calling permit “all countries, without exception, participate and make an equal contribution to real solutions.” This would help to “limit any form of abuse or usury in relation to developing countries” and would free them from the oppression of “credit systems”.

The main objective of the United Nations, continued the Holy Father, is “the development and promotion of the rule of law” for the realization of universal brotherhood, which means “limit the power.” The Pope also mentioned an “environmental law”, as people are part of the habitat. Quoting from his encyclical “Laudato si ‘”, the Pope said the ability of the person beyond the physical and biological sphere. Thus, “any damage caused to the environment - is the damage done to humanity.” Christians believe that creation comes from the plan of the Creator, and that is what gives a person the right to use it for the good of their own kind, not abuse.

Ruthless exploitation of the environment, according to the Pope, is closely connected with the process of elimination of weaker and less agile, such as people with disabilities or deprived of means and opportunities for political decision-making. “Economic and social exclusion - it is the negation of human brotherhood and a heavy attack on human rights and the environment.” - Said Pope Francis. The poorest are most affected by this because they “rejected by society and at the same time forced to live waste.” These phenomena contribute to the consolidation of the Pope criticized a “culture of waste”. Dad said, and their responsibility in this field, in which he felt obliged to raise his voice.

26 September 2015

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