Assad: Europe has made of Syria “hotbed of terrorism”

Syrian president in an interview with Dutch television said that Europe does particularly not in terms of the fight against terrorism, and why many European jihadists come to Syria.

MOSCOW, December 19 - RIA Novosti. Europe together with Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia turned to Syria, a hotbed of terrorism, said Syrian President Bashar Assad in an interview with the Dutch broadcasting company NOS.

So the Syrian leader replied to the question of Tom Klein about why European Syria sent hundreds of jihadists. “The most important question - is where they have in Europe came from. The fact that they come here, it’s natural after Syria turned into a hotbed of terrorism due to the fact that Europe and countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar supported terrorists in various ways, “- said Assad.

In his view, Europe is stuck to the wrong approach to combating terrorism. Assad explained exactly what, in his view, Europe has done wrong. “Firstly, the European government has not coped with the task of integrating these people (migrants - potential terrorists - Ed.) In European society. They lived in the ghetto. When you live in a ghetto, then you become an extremist,” - said the Syrian president.

The second mistake in Europe, said Assad, is the fact that many European leaders have “sold their value in exchange for the petrodollar.” “They allowed Wahhabi organizations from Saudi Arabia to bring their extremist ideology in Europe. That’s why you are exporting terrorists. We do not export: they come to Syria, and then return to Europe”, - he said, recalling that three terrorists responsible for attack on Paris, were Europeans, not Syrians.

Asad humorously responded to recent statements by some representatives of the West - particularly the United States Secretary of State John Kerry - that is the Syrian leader could remain in power. Earlier, the West persistently demanded his departure. “I thank them for it, and I have to pack your bags. I had to leave, and now I can stay,” - said the president of Syria.

He also noted that only the Syrian citizens can decide whether to stay in power.

“If you, as a citizen of the Netherlands, are willing to accept the fact that someone in Syria will decide who will be your prime minister, we will take - but you do not. Syria - a sovereign state. Good then president or bad - it is Syrians to decide, not the Europeans, “- explained Assad.

He also noted that if the Syrian people want him to leave his post, he will be ready to do it.

19 December 2015

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