Deputy chief preacher of Tehran Hodzhatelislam Kazem Sediq: Iran will help the people of the United States dropped the yoke of bipartisanship

Deputy chief preacher of Tehran Hodzhatelislam Kazem Sediq made a fiery speech at the traditional Friday prayers, said Iran’s ABNA.

Sediq told worshipers that the main task of the Iranian people is to help nations around the world in fueling the flames of global anti-imperialist revolution.

Sediq fell sharply criticized the American occupation regime in neighboring Iraq, which, according to the preacher, is “a terrible nightmare” for the people suffering country. Cleric expressed enthusiastic support “to Iraqi freedom fighters.”

The ambitions of the ayatollahs. However, go far beyond the neighboring states of Iran. Sediq said that the Iranian people “should substitute the powerful shoulder support struggling with the yoke of the bipartisan regime to the people of America.”

27 March 2010

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