Egypt, the war in Gaza and monstrous errors of America

Research Institute of Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs published an article about a new situation in the Middle East that has arisen because of the war in Gaza and monstrous errors of U.S. policy in the region.
Article echoes the earlier Israeli criticism of U.S. policy in the region. At the dawn of “Arab Spring,” one of the most influential Israeli Arabists, Mordechai Kedar, published an article about Islamic State Department program in the army magazine Alignment. Detail ideas Kedar available in the article “United Arab States. Collapse Islamist Department of State.”

The author Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Zvi Mazel, writes that Israel was attacked by Hamas, Gaza - strategic threat to Egypt’s security, but America does not understand or want to understand the situation on the ground. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry ignores Egypt, engaged in a dialogue with his enemies - Qatar and Turkey, and supports the “Muslim Brotherhood” - and with them, and radical Islam.
Against these fairly obvious realities actions Secretary Kerry look, at best, inadequate. Rather than cooperate with traditional allies - Israel and Egypt, to the Egyptian peace initiative, to realize that only these two states are able to determine the fate of Gaza, he’s up to dialogue with Qatar and Turkey - the enemies of Egypt and Israel.

In Qatar leaders fled Egyptian “Muslim Brotherhood”, which continue to incite riots and violence in Egypt. Ibid settled their ally - Khaled Mashaal and the top political leadership of Hamas. “Muslim Brotherhood” willing to do anything to prevent any progress Sisi - whether in the economic or political front. They are ready for a long time to pay for it with blood of the Palestinians in Gaza, and appears to the Secretary of State Kerry, proved to be their ally in this matter. He accepted the proposal of Qatar and Turkey, which, in fact, are nothing more than setting out the requirements of Hamas - lifting of the blockade, opening of the checkpoint, and even more strange ideas about the construction of ports and airports in Gaza.

This - undisguised expression of contempt for Egypt and anxiety lack of understanding of the processes taking place in the Middle East. Price for it - his blood - paying people of the region.
The war in Gaza - it’s not just another manifestation of the Palestinian conflict. We are talking about a violent attack radical Islam throughout the region. As a result of this attack has destroyed six countries: Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. If unchecked, to be followed by Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf despotism. Europe for many years prefer a blind eye. Now joined her and America.

29 July 2014

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The move reflects the growing political influence of Islamist groups, but almost certainly upset Israel and its American backers.
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US President Barack Obama told Egyptian President Abd al-Fattah al-Sisi on the abolition of the arms embargo imposed after the coup that ended the power of "Muslim Brotherhood" in 2013.
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U.S. quite satisfied, if in a free democratic elections in Egypt will win the victory, “the Muslim Brotherhood.
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Egypt is urgently required the president. Mubarak’s speech did not impress the Egyptians.

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