The decline in oil shale production will raise the price of oil to $ 59 / bbl - US Department of Energy

Reduction of oil shale mining will lead to a raising of oil prices to the level of 59 dollars / barrel.

Energy SASHA assess the situation on the market and announced its verdict - the decline of production of shale oil is going to be deeper than previously expected.

According to new forecasts, oil production in the United States already has lost 2% and will continue to fall very close to the fourth quarter of next year.

In June of this summer recorded peak oil in the US - nine and a half million barrels / day. In mid-December production data are already 9.17 million barrels / day. The trend will continue to fall and the end of March was 8.96 million barrels / day. End of September 2016 data show 8.56 million barrels / day, - predicts the US Department of Energy.

It was only the fourth quarter of the coming year will be marked by a barely noticeable regrowth of oil, amounting to 8.75 million barrels / day.

However, there is one more trouble synoptic nature. Meteorologists promise States is quite warm weather. This means that heating oil demand will be minimal for the past four years.

The first to take the brunt of the US gas market by reducing the demand for propane by an average of 12%.

10 December 2015

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