Reasons for the sharp surge in suicides among whites aged 45-54 years: medical debt, poverty, desperation and grim prospects for retirement along with alcoholism and drug addiction

The mortality rate among white Americans aged 45-54 years, after a long decline for decades has sharply increased since 1999, reaching 2014 growth of 20%.

The study by researchers at Princeton University’s Anne Case and Angus Deaton, who won the Nobel Prize in economics in 2014 states that the rapid growth of mortality, observed today, absolutely uncharacteristic for one of the most important social groups of Americans, is approved

Splash mortality is absolutely unique to this age and social group. The mortality rate of African Americans about the same age is much higher, but continued to fall in recent years. No other truly developed country except the United States, has not experienced anything like this, according to the study.

Deaths from drugs and alcohol poisoning has increased dramatically, otodvinu lung cancer to second place as a major killer of Americans between the ages of 45-54 years, scientists continue. The third place in the list of leading causes of death among middle and pre-retirement age Americans are now approaching the increased number of suicides.

“The growing economic inequality, increasing financial problems are closely intertwined with issues such as health and drug addiction in view of the high cost of health care services chronic diseases do not receive proper treatment and undermine health.”, - Says the author of the material.

According to him, constant pain leads to alcohol abuse and addiction to opioid painkillers, which in turn fueled the epidemic of heroin, sweeping the US today.

Since 1999, unintentional poisoning drugs and alcohol increased nationally by 160%. About 30% of Americans who die from suicide have problems with chronic pain and disease. Stress and mental health problems are the result of the fear of the Americans of the future, to the extent that as a growing number of seniors are considering the upcoming retirement as a financial abyss.

8 February 2016

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