US State Department still does not know how to distinguish the opposition of terrorists in Syria

Washington has repeatedly stated that we need to take a cautious approach to the issue of determination of the opposition and terrorist organizations operating in the territory of Syria. At this time, a number of groups that the US does not consider terrorist continue active operations, some of which - together with the militants. RT correspondent Gayane Chichakyan tried to find out from the representative of the State Department, is there any progress on the issue of separation of “insurgents” and “terrorists.” In response, the representative of the agency, however, assured that “the talks are conducted” and asked Moscow to Damascus not to take action against “members of truce.”

Last week, militants Al-Nusra Front, “resumed the attack on the Syrian city of Aleppo. Together with the terrorist” Al-Nusra “in the fighting involved members of other groups, including” Ahrar al-Sham “, which the United States, Washington, and several other countries have refused to . recognize terrorists Washington has repeatedly stressed that the approach to the question of delimitation of the militants and moderate opposition should be cautious - but the results of such an approach is still not known during the last briefing to the US State Department correspondent RT Gayane Chichakyan and other journalists tried to find out, reached there. Washington progress in the definition of terrorism.

In response, however, representative of Elizabeth Trudeau departments rushed to pay attention to the “difficult situation” on the ground, and to encourage Moscow to Damascus not to strike the participants ceasefire. By whom exactly - in the State Department preferred not to elaborate.

“Our view is that the United Nations has determined that terrorist groups do not fall under the action of a truce. We talked about it before. We also talked about the fact that the participants of the ceasefire must separate themselves (from terroristov.- RT). However, and on Russia, as well as on the Syrian government is responsible for that not to strike the participants ceasefire “, - said Trudeau.

In this case as clearly answer the question as to which groups Washington considers a truce the parties, it could not, repeating the words of his colleagues Mark Toner and John Kirby that the United States continues to dialogue with different groups.

“We are talking about the difficult situation on the battlefield events are constantly evolving, it involves a huge number of people We continue to communicate with forces on the ground we continue to communicate with the Russian and Syrian government on how they comply with the ceasefire…”, - Reported State Department spokesman.

In connection with this correspondent RT decided to ask whether the representatives mentioned in the “Ahrar al-Sham” in the dialogue with Washington that they got tired of “friends” with “Al-Nusra Front”?

“We continue to conduct such talks”, - said Trudeau, and hurried to finish briefing.

9 June 2016

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