Dissociate itself from the United States to Ukraine Crimea barbed wire

United States under the fence themselves off from the Crimea to Ukraine with barbed wire. This was reported in a paper published on Thursday, 14 August, at the government website Federal Business Opportunities.

“Barbed wire required the State Border Service, to protect the newly established boundary between the main part of Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula, as well as to improve security on the eastern border of the country,” - the document says.

Contractor Washington chose Kiev company BK Engineering System, which will put 2.5 thousand coils. Order amount is 435 thousand dollars.

United States provided funds under the anti-crisis package of assistance to Ukraine, approved on April 22 of this year. It also includes a communications and observation, tents, generators and other equipment.

The Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly expressed their intention to regain control of the border with the Russian Federation, through which, according to Kiev militia reinforcements, weapons and military equipment. In mid-June at a meeting of the Security Council, it was decided to carry out a unilateral demarcation of the border with the Russian Federation and set along it engineering structures.

Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region Igor Kolomoisky, in turn, offered to dissociate itself from the Russian wall. However, the head of the Border Guard Service of Ukraine Sergey Astakhov said that “to implement this initiative is very difficult” for financial reasons.

Funds to strengthen border Ukraine and the European Union singled out, however, on June 17 the chairman of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Ian Tombinsky questioned the use of the target provided for that purpose, “tens of millions of euros.”

15 August 2014

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