The interception of American military aircraft Chinese and Russian fighters

May 22 commander of the Pacific US Air Force Gen. Herbert Carlisle (Herbert Carlisle) in an interview with the newspaperUSA Today” made a serious criticism of the growing “aggressive” Chinese and Russian fighter planes intercepting US military aircraft and said it was a concern.

Herbert Carlisle told the newspaper “USA Today”, the number of occurrences of Russian long-range bombers in Eastern Europe and the west coast of the United States is constantly increasing, while China’s goal - control of the South China Sea. Call Control, who quit the Chinese and Russian fighter jets in international airspace is essential, but at the same time very dangerous. “We are concerned about a resurgent Russia and a very, very aggressive China.” “When they carry out aggressive and unsafe military measures, we need to send troops,” - says Carlisle.

“This is a false accusation”, - he says the Chinese military expert Zhang Tszyunshe in an interview with the newspaper “Global Times”, frequent patrols of the United States about China and Russia are serious breach of national security of the countries concerned.

According to “Iran News”, in fact, Obama deploys the most extensive since the Second World War, military action against Russia and China, intends to place the arms around the two countries. However, this threat will end in defeat. China and Russia react correctly - they refuse to yield to a military threat.
Researcher Naval Academy China Zhang Tszyunshe May 23, told the newspaper “Global Times”, that, if we look at the place where the Chinese and Russian fighter planes intercepted a US military aircraft, we can see that the majority of interceptions occurred near China and Russia. US officials like to use a “very serious” tone, to accuse and discredit others. US officials have publicly stated that last year the United States spent more than 700 patrols in the South China Sea. According to recent media reports, the US military aircraft flew twice a week to areas of the Xisha, etc., in total -. More than 100 times a year. Tszyunshe Zhang says that such a frequency of patrols, especially in the vicinity of the country, is a serious breach of national security of the country, so they have the right to inspect and control. ”
In an interview with “USA Today”, Carlisle said that the maintenance of communication with the Chinese and Russian military side is the key to prevent emergencies. Tszyunshe Zhang told the newspaper “Global Times”, that China and the US reached agreement on “safety standards of conduct in a collision in the air and in the sea”, as well as some of the memoranda, they mainly focus on emergency management on the high seas, etc. ., but China can not give a “green light” steadfast US surveillance.

From 24 to 25 June will be held in Hawaii Sino-American meeting on military maritime safety mechanisms. After last week the Chinese military aircraft tracked US aircraft in the airspace near the island of Hainan, the meeting was considered to be evidence of “the possibility of using military channels and good external relations of China and the United States.”

2 June 2016

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