US withdrew six aircraft carriers in the sea for the first time since 2012

Four of the retired aircraft carrier equipped with a fully deployed carrier strike groups, two ships perform particular tasks.

Now the sea withdrawn US aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan“, “Dwight Eisenhower”, “Harry Truman”, “John Stennis”, “Carl Vinson” and “George Washington.”

It is expected that in the near future the United States will lead the fleet into the sea seven aircraft carrier “George Bush”.

In the last four battle groups were deployed simultaneously for nine weeks from late August 2012 until the beginning of November, 2012, said a spokesman for US naval forces.

8 June 2016

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US State Department still does not know how to distinguish the opposition of terrorists in Syria

Currently, the Pentagon has in the Persian Gulf more than 320 cruise missiles, Tomahawk, capable of hitting targets in almost all the territory of Iran, and by April the number could rise to 430.
The Pentagon argues that the presence in the Persian Gulf several aircraft carrier battle groups, the U.
U.S. Navy aircraft carrier John C. Stennis, from which the military leadership of Iran demanded not appear in the Persian Gulf.
The Iranian navy is ready to confront foreign military ship groupings.
On March 29, according to agency Debka, navies and air forces of Israel, the United States and Greece hold the largest naval maneuvers “Noble Dina” in the Mediterranean.

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