Boy from USA wrote a book and has raised about $ 1 million to help a friend

Money from the sale of the book written by Dylan Siegel, go to treatment best friend, eight-John, who suffers from a rare genetic disease called “Gierke’s disease.”

In the US, 8-year-old boy Dylan Siegel collected nearly a million dollars on the sale of his books in order to help a friend suffering from a rare disease, reports Fox News.

Book of the young author was published in 2012. Colorful works of 16 pages, illustrated by the same child, called “Chocolate” (”Chocolate Bar”). This word, according to the site of publication, Dylan replaces the expression “awesome” and refers to everything that he loves or is of interest.

Money from the sale of the book go to the treatment of Dylan’s best friend, eight-John, who suffers from a rare genetic disease called “Gierke’s disease.”

At the moment, the young writer was able to collect 900 thousand dollars.

“I’m so glad that I can help my friend. I am grateful for the people that can share their story and inspire children to change the world,” - said in an interview with Dylan CBS LA.

Glycogen storage disease type I - a rare hereditary disease of the liver, which is characterized by the inability of cells to produce an enzyme involved in the synthesis of glucose.

4 November 2014

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