Protesters set fire to shops in Ferguson, the police did not intervene

Protesters set fire to shops and robbed in Ferguson (Missouri), where in August, police shot and killed a teenage African-American, the police does not interfere with the actions of the rioters, informs television channel CNN.

The jury on Monday declined to press charges in the murder of a police officer. Immediately after the announcement of the jury Ferguson protests began, the police said, smoke bombs, but witnesses reported sprayed tear gas. About the detention is not reported.

According to CNN, protesters beaten windows, throwing stones, robbed and set fire to shops, beaten windows. Attacked in particular has undergone a shop where before killing Michael Brown were stolen cigarettes. The crowd protesting youth shall drink from the store, they were never interferes.

Unarmed teenager was shot in August of this year, after the incident repeatedly protests escalated into clashes of protesters with the police. The case received national and international attention. Earlier, US President appealed to protesters to respect the jury’s decision and to express their position peacefully, as requested by the parents of the deceased teenager.

25 November 2014

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