Tim Kirby: Why go to America, if Russia provided a comfortable life?

It is believed that the United States - a country of great opportunities and emigration to allow the right to improve your lifestyle. Born in the United States RT columnist Tim Kirby since 2006 lives in Russia. He believes that the “American dream” - it’s just a myth, pure propaganda, and has no connection with reality.

Recently I was on business in the house is very close people I know. My “foreignness” - the constant opportunity to discuss a number of topics. This time, my interlocutors (my new friend and his fifteen year old son) presented their point of view on a very interesting problem - and I decided to write about it.

My father was very emotionally described how he wants his son to succeed in life, and argued that this is only possible in America. This patriotic American to tears by the beauty of this speech: the father portrayed the United States as the land of promise, who is waiting for his son, and was sincerely convinced that there he will live in a much better condition than the here and now. We have a few minutes discussing the topic of emigration, and at some point my father asked me a very specific question: “Is it true that if you are in the United States is working very well, then you will do it?”

It seems that many emigrants leaving for the United States, followed this dream: they want their children to live better. This is logical: after all, this kind of desire - part of the American dream. Obviously, if a person earns 13 thousand offensive rubles a month and did not see any prospects in life, then restart destiny in America - a very attractive idea. I understand these feelings. I myself once realized that my life was going nowhere, and left the country. So I can easily imagine how much father and son want to change the course of life.

Right now you have probably realized the unfortunate people in terrible clothes with the word “Adidas”, sitting in a running “odnushke” in the Moscow region and dreaming of a better life. And their only chance at happiness (and money) - is to send his son to a foreign country to earn a piece of bread. And here and there! All the contrary! They live in a beautiful, huge, modern apartment in a good area of ​​Moscow. This apartment, according cian.ru, worth 24 million rubles. And if you take it, you can get 70 to 140 thous. Rubles. monthly!

Then why send his son to try his luck in the US, if comfortable life in Russia, it is provided? It is at least ironic!

This conversation - is not the only one. I have heard many times that Russia - a “terrible, poor country”, namely those who enjoy a daily coffee for 300 rubles. at Starbucks, paying for parking a few hundred rides a Volvo for 2 million lives in a large apartment ……….

25 June 2015

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