The US District 141 registered voters more than the living people: according to some figures ogrugam 190% and 176% of the voters from the number of residents

According to the study, the most ambiguous situation is the homeland of the current US President Barack Obama - in Illinois.

In constituency 141 US registered voters more than the living.

This is stated in the report “Legal Defense Fund public interest” (The Public Interest Legal Foundation).

The organization compared the publicly available information the US Census Bureau and the Federal Commission for the Electoral Assistance (Election Assistance Commission).
According to her, the situation is ambiguous in the homeland of the current US President Barack Obama - in Illinois. In Franklin County voter registration is 190% of the actual number, and Pulaski County - 176%.

Total violations documented in 21 states. Most districts with “dead souls” of voters in Michigan (24) Kentucky (18), Illinois (17). Appear on a blacklist, and large states such as New York and Texas, and a relatively small but politically important, like Iowa.

Human rights activists have warned that will bring an action against all those districts, if violations are not corrected.

“Federal law requires election commissions to make the necessary efforts to ensure that the registration lists were free of deceased voters, those without the right to vote, and people have moved to a new residence. In your county in the registration list is far more voters than there are in the presence of living people with the right to vote. This means that the lists are maintained properly, “- quotes from the Treatment Facility, designed to place the metropolitan network edition Washington Free Beacon.

“Corrupt electoral lists - ideal conditions for election fraud - said president and general counsel of the” Fund of legal protection of public interests, “Christian Adams. - Elections overshadowed by fraud, have predetermined control of the Senate (in favor of the Democratic Party - approx. Tass) in 2009 year. In 2016 too much at stake to be able to once again allow such “.

According to him, the current leadership of the US Justice Department deliberately - for the sake of party interests - refuses to ensure strict compliance with the federal law on elections.

28 August 2015

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The U.S. International Republican Institute and National Democratic Institute, prepared

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