Zbigniew Brzezinski: Russia’s military operation in Syria jeopardize the credibility of the United States

Air strikes that Russia allegedly caused by US-backed Syrian factions - is a demonstration of Russian military incompetence or proof of “dangerous desire” to emphasize Moscow’s political impotence of America, writes in his article for the Financial Times, the former adviser to the US President Zbigniew Brzezinski. In both cases, he said, is at stake as the future of the Middle East and Washington’s credibility in the region.

In Syria, Russia must work together with the US, not against them, writes in his article for the Financial Times, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who at US President Jimmy Carter served as national security adviser. According to Brzezinski, now occurring events reminiscent of the way the First World War. Nevertheless, the author is confident that there is still time to prevent a “painful repetition” of the “massacre”, which begins this time in the Middle East, particularly in Syria.
Cooperation between Russia, the United States and other countries, reminiscent of the former national security adviser to the US led to a breakthrough on the very difficult negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program. After that, perhaps someone thought that the next phase will be the solution of the Syrian problem with such important actors as Russia and China, writes Brzezinski.
Instead, Moscow chose to carry out military intervention, which takes place without political and tactical cooperation with the United States - a major foreign power that has taken direct, though not very effective, efforts to shift the Bashar al-Assad, the article says. In addition, Russia has presumably begun to put air strikes on Syrian “elements” that sponsor, train and equip Americans.
“At best, it is a demonstration of Russian military incompetence, and at worst - proof of the dangerous desire [Russian] emphasize the political impotence of America. In both cases, at stake as the future of the region and the authority of the United States among the countries of the Middle East” - says Brzezinski.
In these fast-developing events, says the author, Washington has only one real opportunity to protect their interests - to convey to Moscow’s demand that Russia should abandon military operations, which are directly reflected in the “American assets” in the Middle East.
“Russia has every right to support Mr Assad, so if she so desires. But any repeat of the events that occurred only should lead to retaliation by the United States,” - said the former adviser to the US president.
The presence of air and naval forces of Russia in Syria “vulnerable” because geographically, these forces “isolated” from their native country, the article says ………

5 October 2015

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