MFA: Russia will respond to the expansion of US military presence in Europe, “compensatory measures”

Russia will take “compensatory measures” in response to the continued expansion of the US military presence in Europe, he said in an interview with RIA Novosti Director of the European Cooperation Department (DOS), the Russian Foreign Ministry Andrey Kelin.

Earlier, the US administration has announced plans to allocate $ 3.4 billion in fiscal year 2017 on a program to ensure the security of its European allies. This amount is more than four times higher than that which has been allocated to similar needs first. In a statement, US President Barack Obama’s main reason for such a serious increase called the “aggressive actions of Russia on the periphery of the Alliance.”

“Symmetrical steps are unlikely, given the huge amount of money that US partners are now investing: the next year they are going to four times more to invest. The symmetrical response to this is absolutely not necessary, I’m sure. Compensatory measures to maintain normal military-strategic equation accepted and will be taken, “- said the Russian diplomat.

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4 February 2016

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