US Air Force believed that only one type of F-35 to help “contain” Russia

As part of the US “containment strategy” present on the British airshows new F-35 fighters. Airplane “in itself” will increase the level of containment, said US Air Force Gen. Frank Gorani.

The world debut of the fighter-bomber F-35 Lightning II for the upcoming air shows in the UK is part of the US containment strategy. This was stated by the Commander of the US Air Force in Europe and Africa, General Frank Gorani, reports Defense News.

Defense News said that Russia directly Gorani in this context is not called. Nevertheless, he stressed that the appearance of the F-35 in the British air show will showcase American allies’ willingness and ability to “confront US enemies.

According to him, F-35 “in itself” will increase the level of containment. Aircraft Demonstration at the Royal International Air Show in Farnborough will make it clear that “this is not a model, but a real unit of armament,” Gorani said.

“General US Air Force relies on the fact that the only form of two F-35A and F-35B two at an air show in the UK will allow Russia to keep the rebels”, - the statement says Business Insider.

In this edition notes that the development of the F-35 has been associated with a series of setbacks and criticism flow. In particular, it reported unreliable engine, it is impossible to start a fighter with short and medium-length strips, the huge cost of flight hours (about 50 thousand dollars), as well as failures in the radar.

Nevertheless, General Gorani sure that the debut of the F-35 “will force Russia to think about his newfound superiority in the air,” writes Business Insider.

7 April 2016

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