Media: A large part of the US Marine Corps aircraft is faulty.

According to Fox News, the main reason - the reduction of military expenditure and the rapid aging of the aircraft due to the operation of the active phase during the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq
NEW YORK, 16 April. / Corr. TASS Aleksey Kachalin /. Most of the airplanes and helicopters of the US Marine Corps is in neboegotovnom state. As I reported on Friday, Fox News Channel, the main reason - the reduction of military expenditure and the rapid aging of the aircraft due to the active phase of the operation during the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He cites statistics obtained on request Marine Corps, as well as information on the results of interviews with staff of two military bases in the states of North and South Carolina. Of the 276 fighter F / A-18 Hornet combat mission ready, only about 30%. Of the 147 helicopters CH-53E Super Stallion serviceable only 42.
As recalled by the channel, US military spending declined from $ 691 billion in 2010 to $ 560 billion in 2015. American infantry almost 15 years continuously involved in hostilities abroad. Aircraft components wear out faster, reducing allocation leads to a shortage of spare parts. And experienced mechanics retire and go to work in the private sector, where their services are in high demand and generously paid, says Fox News.
According marines interviewed by reporters, dismantling some helicopters to parts for other repairs become almost the norm. “It’s like trying to make the car Cadillac 1995 modern Ferrari tries to increase its speed and improve efficiency, but the old frame with the suspension being felt, and the machine breaks down all the time.” - Gave an example of a Marine sergeant Ardzhentri Uberhoer.
According to the TV channel, military pilots due to objective factors began to make training flights for a total of only four hours per month. According to one pilot, 10 years ago this figure was 30 hours a month.

16 April 2016

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