Tiny wind power plant with the bacteria will be able to charge your smartphone

Wind power - is already familiar to us, efficient alternative energy sources, but they have their detractors, who are dissatisfied with the settings of impressive dimensions.

But a new type of wind power plants proposed by Oxford University researchers, are unlikely to receive such criticism. They argue that computer modeling has shown the possibility of microscopic wind turbines that could work by bacteria to provide a stable, albeit small, power supply.

If you’ve ever looked at a drop of river water under a microscope, you have probably seen the bacteria and protozoa floating in a random order. At first glance, the use of these microbes as a source of energy, it seems contrary to common sense.

However, because the bacteria slowed down spontaneously, some movement will counteract the movement of the other. A good result is the ability to create a small Petri dish and the rotor mast, which periodically interact with each other.

Oxford team found that by replacing one rotor symmetrical grid of 64 micro-rotor, this active flow of bacteria organize themselves spontaneously. Like the full-size wind power plants, the bacteria will be organized so that the rotors are arranged side by side, moving in opposite directions to each other. With this level of self-organization, micro wind farm can produce energy.

20 July 2016

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