Americans filed for Apple to court for cheating on the amount of memory the iPhone and iPad

Apple is misinformed buyers iPhone, iPad and iPod on the real memory size of their gadgets. This convinced two residents of Miami, who filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of devices in federal court in the State of California. This was reported by The Courthouse News Service.
Orsha outrage Paul and Christopher Endary was the fact that actually the majority of the amount of memory available for use due to the fact that it takes the device operating system - iOS.
So, Paul Orsha notes that the last, the eighth version of the program cover - “largest” and the company “did not inform buyers that up to 23.1% of the claimed amount of memory devices can be occupied by iOS and 8 is not available for users.”
Orsha sure that consumers do not expect such a large discrepancy between what is announced in the advertisement and the way things really are. For example, the iPhone 6 plus with the stated memory capacity of 16 gigabytes are available for use only 12.7 gigabytes. Have an iPod with the same stated volume - and even less - only 12.3 gigabytes.
Thus, according to one of the authors claim, Apple “aggressively promoting” their paid service for storing data on servers, not on the device - iCloud.
“Using such fraudulent tactics, the defendant provides memory less than asserted to sell new volumes at the right moment - when the user tries to make a photo presentation of their child or grandchild, a basketball game or a wedding,” - said Paul Orsha.
Applicants are asked to bring Apple to account for violation of laws on trade and false advertising. The hearing will be held in the court of San Francisco.
Problem Update

Recall that in September last year, Apple has released an update of the operating system iOS 8. Soon, however, it was withdrawn. The first version to use too much memory in the iPhone 6 and smartphone could not make calls.
A week later came update - iOS 8.0.1, in which hundreds of bugs have been fixed. However, users of new iPhone 6 and 6 plus, as well as previous smartphones lament the loss of communication directly while talking on a regular shutdown Touch ID - features fingerprint recognition. Crashes after the transition to the new system occurred in 3.3% of cases - it is 67% more than with the previous version of iOS.
Illegal button

And in November, the European Commission has banned Apple to issue paid apps for free. As a result, the company decided to iTunes and AppStore remove button “Free”, through which users could previously download free applications. Apple replaced the button on the “Get”, as the authorities of the EU agreed that limited access to the application can not be considered as a free download.
Previously, the EU authorities also made known concern about bookmarks TopFreeApps (the most popular free applications) in Apple Store. Then Apple developers under pressure of the European Commission have also been forced to remove from the title heading the word “Free” (”Free”), in order not to introduce

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