Obama strange congratulated the Russians on the anniversary of the Victory

The ambiguous statement about the degree of participation in achieving victory, almost threatening warning about Ukraine … questionable and the level of official conveyed greetings.

US President Barack Obama sends congratulations to the Russians on Victory Day - by the chief adviser on Russia’s White House staff Celeste Wallander at a reception at the Russian Embassy in the US on the occasion of 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

“Our President and his National Security Advisor asked me to convey greetings to the Russian people with the current anniversary. We cherish the memories of how people of the US and Russia together have achieved a victory in the Second World War. And I do not want anyone on this subject -or wrong, “- she said. - “As it is known, is now a difficult period in our relations. Between us there is a very, very deep disagreement about the foundations of European security and global order. President Obama is committed to continuing the dialogue with Russia about these differences and disputes. Secretary Kerry remains committed to dialogue with Foreign Minister Lavrov on issues where we have a convergence of interests. ”

TASS reports: Advisor to the US President stressed that nobody is going to forget about disagreements - “Now a lot of attention is focused on them, first of all, of course, a conflict in Ukraine.”

8 May 2015

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