US moving from trying to isolate the Russian Federation to seek mutual understanding, says New York Times

NEW YORK, May 13. / Correspondent. Ivan Pil’shchikov TASS /. The visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry in Sochi shows that Washington is at this stage refused calls to isolate Russia and switched to a search for ways of interaction with Moscow. This opinion was expressed on Tuesday the American newspaper New York Times.
The publication notes that the appointment of Kerry with Russian President Vladimir Putin, “the two sides praised as a frank and friendly, the aim of finding a common strategy to end the war in Syria and the settlement of the situation in Ukraine.”
According to the newspaper, “talk about the isolation, appear to be in the past.” “Instead, the emphasis is on the search for new ways of cooperation, especially on Syria, - the New York Times. - Kerry expressed hope that US and Russian officials will consult with the utmost dedication and perseverance.”

The atmosphere in which the meeting took place in Sochi, “was different than before, for the most part devoid of rancor and rhetoric characteristic of the” cold war “, which have been an integral part of the relationship between the US and Russia in the past few years,” says the publication.
Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, commenting on the results of Tuesday’s meeting between Putin and Kerry expressed the view that the Kremlin regard it, though not as a breakthrough, but the first signs of understanding the need for a return to cooperation between the two great countries.
“Our president told Based on our fundamental interest of bilateral relations return to normal - said Ushakov. - It was emphasized that it is in Russia’s interest, we hope to US interests, and it is important in terms of international stability and security.” A Kremlin spokesman said that “it is certainly not a breakthrough, but it is the manifestation of the first signs of understanding that the two great countries should return to normal cooperation.” “Based on this, we consider the contact took place as a very useful, necessary and positive”, - he said.
Ushakov said that the negotiations were long, open, wearing a business nature and were quite helpful. “Prolonged negotiations were open, business-like and were friendly enough, I would say. Secretary of State conveyed greetings from Obama, said Obama was very interested in the fact that our president received the Secretary of State. It took place, it is quite normal for our relationship “- said Ushakov.

13 May 2015

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