George Clooney announced the creation of the project The Sentry, whose purpose - to find and help bring to justice those who finance armed conflicts in Africa and benefiting from them

The famous Hollywood actor George Clooney on Monday announced the creation of the project The Sentry (”Time”), which purpose - to help track down and bring to justice those who finance armed conflicts in Africa and benefiting from them, according to Reuters.

Along with Clooney project he took an American human rights activist and former head of the US in the direction of the Security Council of the United States, John Prendergast. Together they will monitor the financing of conflicts in South Sudan, Sudan, Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Using data collection, field research and analytical methods, the project aims to show how conflicts are funded and used for profit and money laundering. The project created a website where you can anonymously leave information.

According to Clooney, conflict can be stopped, “when the people who benefit from the war will pay for what destruction they cause.”

The project is supported by The Sentry organiztsiey Not On Our Watch, among the founders of which have in addition to Clooney and other celebrities - Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Don Cheadle.

Note George Clooney has long worried about the problems of Africa. So, in 2012, the actor gave at the Sudanese Embassy in Washington protest, for which he was arrested and fined $ 100.

21 July 2015

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