The first country in Europe in which to put the American gas is Lithuania. Deliveries are scheduled for February 2016 through the terminal “Independence”, running from January 2015 in Klaipeda

Negotiations on the first shipments from the US are continuing, despite the fact that the Lithuanian Lietuvos Energija asks US to sell gas at a price lower than in Russia.

Gas from the United States, Lithuania will take in the terminal “Independence“, which since January 2015 working in Klaipeda. While delivery is carried out only to the Norwegian Statoil.

Analysts believe that the US supply of gas to Lithuania will entail retaliatory moves on the part of “Gazprom”. According to Societe Generale analyst Thierry Brault, Russia “will fight” for the European market in a situation where in the years 2017-2018 deliveries will be carried out from the United States, Australia and Qatar.

According to Stephen O`Rurka of Wood Mackenzie, “Gazprom” can respond to falling prices for European consumers and the reduction of gas production.

The agreement between the Lithuanian company Litgas Cheniere Energy and the US was signed in February 2015. It Cheniere Energy is engaged in the construction of the first 40 years of LNG export terminal in the United States.

In mid-October, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland have reached an agreement on the construction of 534-kilometer gas pipeline that will run from central Poland to the south-east of Lithuania. Capacity of the pipeline is 2.4 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year and 1 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year at the reverse.

The project, which is said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, must end energy isolation of the Baltic countries and to ensure the free movement of energy in Europe is estimated at $ 558 million.

18 November 2015

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