Japan said the United States protested the rape of a Japanese woman in Okinawa

The rape of a Japanese citizen suspected US military sailor. The Japanese government has sent a protest and demanded the United States to strengthen military discipline in the Japanese territory.

TOKYO, March 14 - RIA Novosti, Ivan Zakharchenko. The Government of Japan has expressed US protest in connection with reports about the arrest on the eve of the US military seaman on suspicion of raping a Japanese citizen in Okinawa.

“It is extremely regrettable,” - he said at a briefing on Monday, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Esihide Suga.

According to him, the Government of Japan “demanded by the US to strengthen discipline (troops on Japanese territory) and to prevent the recurrence of such incidents in the future.”

Suga at the same time pointed out that the United States assured Tokyo that reacted to the incident with the utmost seriousness.

How transferred Kyodo agency, protest the US Embassy and the command of US troops sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Defence of Japan.

Governor of Okinawa Kakesi Onaga at a press conference in the administrative center of the prefecture Naha called “serious crime” case of rape of Japanese tourists in Fukuoka at a hotel in the city. The rape suspect 24-year-old Justin Castellanos from the American military base “Camp Schwab” in northern Okinawa.

“This is a serious and unacceptable crime of violation of women’s rights”, - quotes the governor Kyodo agency.

However, the US military has denied accusations that he pulled a Japanese woman in the room, where allegedly raped her.

Around the US military bases in Japan disputes underway. In particular, the Government of Japan achieves the pumping “Futenma” from the crowded city of Ginowan to the center of the island of Okinawa in the village of Henoko, where the base “Camp Schwab.” The agreement was reached in 1996, but the local administration headed by Okinawa Governor Onaga opposed and even canceled the previous decision to provide land for the commencement of work on the transfer base. Governor Onaga in his campaign a few years ago promised to overturn plans to build a new airport, approved by his predecessor Hirokazu Nakaima.

Source: cdn13.img22.ria.ru
View of the village of Henoko in Okinawa close to the American military base “Camp Schwab.”

Okinawa accounts for only 0.6% of Japanese territory, but it placed 74% of US military facilities and more than half of all US forces in Japan. According to the prefectural administration in Okinawa are 25.8 thousands of American soldiers and 19 thousand members of their families and US civilians.

14 March 2016

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