Americans introduced a new “Lie Detector”

High-tech helmet that can read thoughts, can determine the enemy from a friend.

The new device, developed by Veritas for the U.S. military, with the help of special sensors scan the brain activity when viewing certain images man. The slightest change in brain activity instantly detected and the device using the specified algorithm produces the result: a person involved in a particular act.

According to the developers, image, emotionally meaningful to humans, activates brain surge that lasts 200-500 microseconds. Such a tiny amount of time makes it impossible to control the system, to deceive her. As the CEO of developer Eric Elbot: “If the unit flashes when viewing pictures man with a homemade explosive device, it is an enemy.”

Veritas representative said that it will provide the U.S. military an effective way to select another of the enemy in the occupied territories. Elbot provides a scenario in which U.S. troops in some Afghan village, gather all the men and put on helmets on them, and then classified as friend or foe, almost instantly. At the moment, the company refused to show this device.

18 July 2014

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