United States rejected the proposal to terminate the DPRK nuclear test

Washington, Jan. 11 / Xinhua / - The official US State Department spokesman Jen Psaki on Saturday rejected the DPRK put forward proposals, in which North Korea offered to stop nuclear testing in exchange for the cancellation of joint military exercises the United States and the Republic of Korea, which will be held this year. J. Psak said that the DPRK links the data in vain regular military exercises with its nuclear tests.

She added that regular and open military exercises the United States and Kazakhstan have been held for 40 years. According to her, the DPRK will certainly break the UN Security Council resolution if repeat nuclear testing. Opportunity for dialogue between the US and North Korea exists, but the DPRK should stop all provocations to defuse tensions and to abandon its nuclear program to resume negotiations.

The DPRK government said on Friday that North Korea intends to stop nuclear tests if the US cancels military exercises, which are held near the borders of North Korea. In addition, North Korea is ready to hold dialogue with the United States.

12 January 2015

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