Plan B: The CIA is preparing to arm the Syrian “rebels” anti-aircraft gun

By Bill Van Auken

The CIA in collaboration with the main allies of Washington in the Middle East, including the Government of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, preparing the so-called “Plan B”, providing a significant increase in armaments Western-backed “rebels” fighting against the Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Citing senior US officials, the newspaper “Wall Street Journal” reported that the plan is aimed at “ensuring the rebel units of weapons systems that would assist them in attacks against the Syrian air force and artillery positions CAA.”

Similar sistemyemy weapons can be used against VCS RF, which proved a decisive factor in providing air support to the troops of the Syrian government to return control of the territory, captured from the “Islamic state” (IG), “Front of Al-Nusra” and other Western-backed Islamist militias .

The plan, developed by the White House and the CIA, will greatly enhance the threat of military conflict between the US and Russia, the two largest nuclear powers in the world.

“Plan B” should enter into force as soon as Washington has come to the conclusion that his “Plan A” has failed. “Plan A” - is ongoing UN efforts to ensure cooperation, Russia and Iran, and the elements in the Assad government, to be achieved through a negotiated settlement of what this plan could not achieve on the battlefield in the last five years: regime change in Damascus.

“If the ceasefire will be broken if the talks will not achieve anything, and we will return to civil war in full swing, then the situation will change dramatically,” - he told the “Wall Street Journal” an official from the Obama administration. “External patrons to double and triple the rate, leaving Syria all they can, including a much more lethal weapons.”

This leaked CIA plan that has all the hallmarks of a deliberate test of the ball in relation to the US military escalation, appeared at a time when US officials argue that the Assad government is threatening to derail the peace talks, which are due to resume in Geneva this week, carrying out new military offensive around Syrian city of Aleppo.

The Agreement on Cessation of Hostilities identities, which entered into force at the end of February, does not apply to LIH and “Nusra Front”, which are characterized and Washington and the UN as a terrorist organization.

US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power led the attack the administration in this regard. Referring to reports of a planned attack Syrian army, she stated that “It would be catastrophic for the people of Aleppo, of course, but also for this complex process in which the cessation of hostilities, humanitarian access and political negotiations, are all connected with each other.”

Power and other officials of the Syrian government in fact accused the administration that it pursues “Front Nusra”, the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda, on the grounds that the group operates and cooperates directly with other Islamist militias who are armed and supported by the US and its allies .

State Department spokesman Mark Toner told reporters Monday that the problem is that the group, supported by Washington, “is not so far, and they clearly do not dissociate themselves” from the forces “Nusra Front” in Aleppo and elsewhere. The reality is that these forces operate jointly with the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda, which, together with LIH is the main armed forces, warring with the Syrian government. Washington is determined to keep these forces as the army mediated in an attempt to carry out regime change.

Russia reacted to this, accusing him of strengthening the fighting capacity of Islamist militia forces to encircle and block Aleppo. This operation contributes to the influx of thousands of foreign soldiers and a large number of new powerful weapons across the border from Turkey, Washington’s NATO allies.

The leak of a CIA prepare to “Plan B” is obvious. If Islamist militia can sufficiently prevent the cessation of hostilities and disrupt the talks in Geneva, their reward a powerful new weapon against the US and its allies.

According to the “Wall Street Journal”, the Obama White House is still pondering “Plan B list specific weapons systems.”

Saudi Arabia and Turkey, according to reports, both sought the transfer of MANPADS, MANPADS. Such weapons, for example, US anti-aircraft missiles “Stinger” shoulder-fired, can be used to shoot down flying at low altitude aircraft and helicopters.

They can just as easily be used against commercial aircraft, as well as against the military, and taking into account the so-called “connectivity” between Syrian forces of Al-Qaeda and Islamist militias supported by Washington and its allies, it is very dangerous. In the past, weapons, guides for so-called trusted CIA “moderate”, is faster in the hands of “al-Nusra Front.”

The CIA reportedly exploring the possibility of less-mobile anti-aircraft weapons, writes the “Wall Street Journal”.

Provision of such weapons Islamist “rebels” would be a flagrant violation of international law. It will likely serve to tighten and strengthen the bloodshed caused by the Syrian people as a result of the operation mode change, supported by Washington, which has already led to the loss of over a quarter of a million lives and forced to leave their home to about half of the population.

The criminal US policy, developed under the guise of “Plan B” is a direct threat more dangerous military confrontation between the US and Russia.

The willingness of the Obama administration to take a chance so open clash has already been demonstrated in November last year, when Turkey deliberately ambushed a Russian Su-24 bomber near the Syrian-Turkish border.

American imperialism is not ready to accept the Russian military intervention in Syria, strengthening the pro-Moscow regime in Damascus with Assad or without him. American geopolitical and military strategy aims to prevent Russia to challenge Washington’s desire to impose American hegemony in the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. To this end, Washington is preparing an escalation of the Syrian conflict that could ignite a third world war between the military powers with nuclear weapons. Open this link via Google Translate

19 April 2016

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