In the US, police killed autistic because of jokes

In the American city of Columbus (Ohio) police dealt a mortal wound 33-year-old David Denmanu autism. Drunk man was arrested after meeting with former classmates and plot began teasing the guardians of order, according to Washington Post.

The tragic incident occurred on April 23, but the judges have begun to consider the matter Denmana just now. In published below footage at the police station, were sealed as the delayed start to joke with the guardians of order. One policeman kindly laughs at jokes, but others come from them in a rage. He wrings his hands and Denmanu knocks him to the floor. As a result of the fall of the 33-year-old man hit his head and died. Law enforcement officers say that the detainee was dangerous, and in another way they could not do.

14 May 2015

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