Pentagon: as a result of air strikes killed three leaders of LIH. Among the 350 dead militants ¬- the main financier of the terrorist group

Abu Salah was one of the most experienced terrorists whose death would violate the ability of IG carry out financial transactions.

In recent weeks, US-led coalition against the so-called “Islamic State” has destroyed the main financier of the terrorist group, and two other senior leaders of the IG, according to the US military leadership.

Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said on Thursday that as a result of the coalition air strikes destroyed Abu Salah, Chief Financial Officer of the IG, responsible for coordinating the actions of terrorists by means of extortion, and other leaders, who acted as executor.

According to Warren, Salah was one of the most experienced terrorists whose death would violate the ability of IG carry out financial transactions.

Pentagon spokesman added that the air strikes inflicted on the Iraqi coalition city of Ramadi, 350 militants were killed IG. Earlier this year, terrorists seized the city, parts of which were later conquered by the participation of the Iraqi army.

On Wednesday, US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter called on the international community to intensify efforts to combat “Islamic state” and unite before supporters IG can organize attacks like Paris. Speaking before the Senate Armed Services Committee, he said that the United States called on 40 countries to increase their efforts in the united struggle, including participation in special operations and supply arms. According to Carter, the US is ready to send advisers and helicopter gunships to help the Iraqi army, which is trying to win Ramadi.

11 December 2015

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