The Nation: Western media forget about objectivity when writing about Russia

Western journalists in recent years in the publications of the Russian mass ignore the principles of objectivity and circulate information that does not correspond to reality. This assessment is contained in an article published Tuesday in the electronic version of the American magazine The Nation.

“If there is any country in the world, which media reports, without taking into account even the basic standards of journalism, it is Russia. In the last month the Russian government has been accused of hacking into the base of the Democratic National Committee data (DNC), United States, UK organizations exit EU support for the candidacy of Donald Trump and many other things “, - said the author of the material - editor at the American non-governmental organization East-West Accord James Carden.
Allegations of cyber attacks on Democrats

The article The Nation stated that on 14 June the American newspaper The Washington Post claimed that hackers, allegedly acting on the instructions of the Russian government, illegally entered the United States in the DNC database and stole data analyzes on the candidate Republican presidential Donald Trump. “Needless to say that the American media is actively took up the coverage of this topic” - Cardin said.

Many western media, adds the author, he was quick to blame the attack on the Russian president personally. “The problem, of course, is that there is no objective evidence pointing to the involvement of the Russian government and the more personally Vladimir Putin to the cyber attack on the DNC”, - emphasized in the publication. Later, the responsibility for hacking the database took the hacker, known by the pseudonym Guccifer 2.0, declared that he is Romanian, and has nothing to do with Russia.
About Trump ties with Moscow

In the article The Nation further states: “. None of the above is not surprising, given that in recent years the US media flourishes unconfirmed accusations against the Russian government and the President And if we talk about who plays a leading role in this, that this, of course, The Washington Post. In addition to the coverage of breaking database DNC newspaper one after the other published materials about alleged ties with Donald Trump and his Russian sympathies to her. ”

As Carden noted as evidence of his allegations The Washington Post led only by the fact that Trump and his family members have repeatedly Affairs traveled to Moscow. “Despite its many mistakes in business, Trump did something particularly different from other major US and foreign entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to do business in Russia?” - The article says The Nation.

Commenting on the approval of The Washington Post that the Russian diplomat reportedly attended an April speech Trump on foreign policy in Washington, Cardin recalled that US ambassadors are regularly received in this way. “For example, the US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette attended anti-government protests in Kiev, as well as Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland in December 2013, - emphasized in the publication The Nation -. In addition, there is ample evidence that the then as ambassador US to Syria Robert Ford came to the anti-government demonstrations that took place in Syria in 2011. ”
Less sensational, more facts

The author also makes fun of unproven British press speculation about the fact that Moscow was trying to provoke clashes between Russian and English football fans to get England disqualification from the tournament.

It supposedly could influence the outcome of a referendum on Britain’s membership in the EU and increase the likelihood of the kingdom out of the EU.

“Disinformation, which are engaged in our media, threaten the possibility of a warming between the US and Russia, and puts the two nuclear superpowers to threatening course catastrophe in Eastern Europe, in the skies over Syria in the Baltic and Black Seas - emphasizes Cardin -. In this situation, it would be better for society if Russia and its government wrote in a less sensational manner and largely relied on the facts. “

6 July 2016

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