Ex-Scout USA: America does not need such an enemy as Russia

The White House continues to use the methods of the Cold War, not taking into account that a confrontation with Russia complicates the major strategic challenges now facing the United States. While Russian want mutual respect and problem-solving on an equal footing, and Washington should strive for this - and outmoded stereotypes sent to the archives, I’m sure a veteran of the American special services Jerome Israel.
“Rather than adjust the Russian against ourselves, we have come closer to them,” - wrote in the pages of The Baltimore Sun Jerome Israel, a former senior NSA and FBI. The approaches in Washington still do not have a creative and constructive beginning, but there is aggression, he said. American politicians “wear glasses Cold War” every time when Russia began to make a noise - such an attitude it is time to send in the archives.

Perhaps this is an odd statement for a man who has worked 25 years at the NSA, and almost half of that time devoted to the fight against communism, the author acknowledges. Although many prominent experts have agreed that Washington’s policy toward Moscow has many flaws. “However, his conclusion that we need a Russian, I’ve done on the basis of the work that we have mastered at the NSA: careful listening and analysis of information transmitted by means of communication - and in this case also that the Russian speaking openly in social networks, and what they have told me in private conversations during my recent trip to Russia, “- says Jerome Israel.

Unfortunately, the Americans brought up in a spirit of its own “exceptionalism” is difficult to accept the fact that they are spoken in Russia, the author continues: “Many people do not like us. They despise our government, our swagger, the way we intimidate and frighten all and the entire post-Cold War. Russian experienced humiliation. Russian missed the respect, influence, and authority, which once enjoyed. ” Therefore, according to Israel, there is nothing surprising in the fact that he saw in Moscow Russian boy, who was standing with a raised fist under the giant Soviet-era monument “Worker and Collective Farm Girl”.

Of course, Russian resent how NATO “takes under his wing” of the Baltic states, Poland and other Eastern European countries, explains the author - they continue to believe rightly or wrongly, that at the end of the Cold War, the United States Secretary of State James Baker promised Gorbachev that the United States ” an inch “will not expand NATO eastward. For comparison, Americans can remember how they angered a couple of decades ago that China could become the operator of the Panama Canal, and it will have a military foothold in Mexico.

It is not surprising that the Russian after a quarter century after the end of the Cold War, there was a sensation as if they were cornered, the article says. Checkered American policy to deploy forces missile defenses in Poland and the Czech Republic only helped to strengthen this tension, and the expansion of NATO has deprived the United States the possibility ……

22 August 2014

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