Experts Environmental Protection Agency US (EPA) accidentally leaked into the river Animas Minnesota millions of tons of toxic liquid. The river painted in bright orange

Agency staff engaged in cleaning the old mine at the time of discharge of toxic waste. Animas length of about 203 km is the source of drinking water for several towns of Minnesota. The Agency recognized the guilt of their employees and took responsibility for the damage caused.

Today, in the waters of the river found arsenic and cadmium. The chemicals are deposited on the bottom of the reservoir. At the moment, the agency’s employees produce around the mine waste storage tanks to prevent leaks again.

8 August 2015

Police drove to Red Square, Nina Khrushchev, granddaughter of the first secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Nikita Khrushchev, for the fact that she was walking in a T-shirt with the inscription “Putin is a wild”
Search engines may affect the results of elections from 12 to 80% of undecided voters can be swayed to the side of any candidate

• Reservoir in Portland, Oregon, drained, pumped 30 million gallons of water for $ 36,000 because of the handle in a small need American »»»
When the records set next to the reservoir surveillance cameras have read of Representatives, they immediately closed the waterworks.
• The U.S. oil pipeline burst »»»
The U.S. oil pipeline burst of ExxonMobil. Hundreds of barrels of oil fell in the river Yellowstone, Montana.
• United States scuttled a million hectares of land for the sake of New Orleans »»»
In the U.S., engineers opened the sluices in Louisiana and flooded more than a million hectares of land to prevent flooding in major cities in the lower reaches of the Mississippi River.
• The store with the alcohol caught an alligator »»»
The store alcoholic beverages on Long Island in New York was found meter alligator, reports Associated Press.
• New large accumulations of oil found on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. Talking about the complete elimination of leakage premature »»»
Scientific American, University of South Florida on Thursday found to the north-east of the leak at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico new large accumulations of oil.

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