US presidential candidate compared the refugees ATS “rabid dogs”

US presidential candidate from the Republican Party Ben Carson compared the refugees fleeing the violence in Syria, with the “mad dogs“, noting that their admission into the United States is a threat to Americans, Reuters reported.

Carson made the remarks on Thursday during the election campaign in the city of Mobile, Alabama.

“If in your area runs a mad dog, you likely will not find this dog a good” - said Carson, who, according to some polls, is one of the favorites of the race.

“We need the verification mechanisms which might allow to establish who is the mad dogs”, - he added.

Carson criticized Barack Obama’s plan to receive tens of thousands of Syrian refugees during the year.

In the United States in recent days sparked a debate about whether or not to accept Syrian refugees in connection with the alleged threat of terrorism. Earlier, near the body of one of the executors of the terrorist attack in Paris that killed 129 people, was found a Syrian passport stamped Syria and Serbia.

20 November 2015

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