Virgin Galactic will present a sample of passenger spaceship

The company Virgin Galactic on Friday will present a new model of passenger spacecraft SpaceShipTwo, the previous model that crashed on the flight tests, reports Reuters.

The accident occurred 31 October 2014, a prototype code spacecraft undocked from the carrier aircraft, but after a few minutes after starting the engine broke apart and fell to the ground. With the collapse of one of the pilots was killed, an error which, according to investigators, was the cause of the accident.

The ship, designed for six passengers, is able to go on suborbital trajectory greater than the height of 100 kilometers, which is the internationally recognized boundary of space.

Presentation of the new prototype will take place in California’s Mojave Desert, where the airport is located to launch spacecraft on suborbital trajectory. The agency reports hundreds of enthusiasts who have made a deposit in the amount of 250 thousand dollars to be among the first space tourists.

19 February 2016

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