The Pentagon has acknowledged the impact of its Air Force union grouping in Syria

The Pentagon is investigating the case of the application of the US Air Forc[t:tag slug=vvs]Air Force air strike by union grouping in Syria, which is fighting the militants “Islamic state” (IG, banned in Russia), according to the Wall Street Journal referring to the US Department of Defense.

According to the newspaper, 27 and 28 May the US Air Force attacked a Syrian village near al-Mara. As confirmed by the publication of a representative US Central Command, under one of the strikes hit a belligerent against the “Islamic State” team Mutasim Brigade.

“Initially, it was reported that four fighter could have been killed with the IG,” - said the representative of the publication of US Central Command, Colonel Patrick Ryder aircraft. According to him, started investigating the incident.

“We will continue our support to the fighting forces of the IG and apply in practice the resulting investigation of lessons for improving the effectiveness of our operations in the future,” - said Rider.

According to the publication, this is the first recognition of the US Central Command, applying the US Air Force attack on friendly forces and “the most serious to date fail in collaboration with the forces of Sunni Arabs in northern Syria.”

Previously affected gang leaders reported by the media that as a result of hitting the US Air Force 10 fighters were killed. The Pentagon at the time confirmed the strikes on the Al-Mara, but said that they were two separate militant IG units destroyed two units of military transport and one car IG.

“In this case, coalition forces became aware of the case of a possible friendly fire only a few days later”, - said the representative of the Pentagon delayed the dissemination of information. The publication notes that it had no confirmed information about the number of those killed in the strike team members.

11 June 2016

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BEIRUT, Nov. 28 - RIA Novosti, Alaeddin Mohamad. The US

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