Events in Turkey is superprovokatsiya. Fantasia on a Theme coup

At the beginning of the night I understood why Erdogan with the tenacity of a maniac, blames the coup Gulen and his men. After all, where it is, and where the secular part of the army? These words are explained only in one case (except for the fact that the Turkish president is weak on his head, and it is not) - when Erdogan win back pre-conceived and prepared plan.

You can dream up.
For example, the bombings in Istanbul have become casus belli for the Patriots - the military, who have seen the country sliding towards Islamization among “baleen” Turks are more and more “bearded” women again wear the hijab, and Ataturk’s books become haram …
Very useful are rumors of dissatisfaction with Erdogan Dr. Fidan, the head of National Intelligence. He is already preparing for the transition to an ambassadorial post in a small, but very hot and humid country. His people collect dissatisfied, but naive and honest officers under one banner - the flag change. Future prisoners themselves are constructed in two calculated.
Suddenly, Turkish President leaves for vacation at the Turkish resort. After all, Putin traveled to Sochi? “On the farm” is prime only. Even the Ministry of Defence leaves Ankara. “It’s time!”, Shout the chorus F provocateurs and naive Initsiativniki. The last completely forgotten that the army is not the same. And if nedochischennoe special operations command still remembers what a privilege, then type “ad” minor other officers in recent years - they have learned not there and not that. They can take to the streets for mass, but as soon as they are assessing what was going on with the help of assistants from Dr. Fidan, everything ends.
When the rebels realized that they had been betrayed, they tried to take revenge: the fire was conducted just under the MIT building. But the helicopter was shot down aircraft F16. I do not be surprised if its helm was the same crew that shot down our plane. The old Air Force could not do it. By the way, as the media reported, they are classified top performer “overseas” plan.
Come out to the streets for the people’s call to Erdogan, “the defense of democracy by the military junta.” Europe unanimously supports the Turkish president and pays him the lava on the further development of democracy. Everybody is happy, but not all are free. 130 army officers were arrested and are willing to be honest and fair trial. Turkish Army and the future in the hands of Islamic nationalists who have forgotten that you can not be a little pregnant.
That’s the “moon fantasy” (© Vadim Panov). Her most important results for Turkey:
1. Complete cleaning of the army and the gendarmerie.
2. “On the bait” revealed all the real figures of possible resistance.
3. Strongly returned to the image of “the defense of democracy” in the eyes of the EU.
4. The declared enemies of the people of Gulen supporters.
5. Get a carte blanche for action in Syria, which supported the naive would-be putschists army level.
It remains one question: how to have participated in the curators Dr. Fidan from one overseas country? It is unlikely that such a plan belonged only to him and impulsive hitrovanu Erdogan. Then you feel the master’s hand. Even Kerry’s visit to Moscow turned out to be the way as the terrorist attack in Nice, helps Europeans to understand and forgive the Turkish president.

16 July 2016

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