China’s position has prevented the UN Security Council to agree on a statement on North Korea’s missile launches

Beijing proposed to condemn the United States and South Korea plans to deploy US missile defense systems

Moscow. 10th of August. INTERFAX.RU - The UN Security Council has agreed on Tuesday a statement condemning the launches of ballistic missiles by North Korea, said diplomatic sources in the world organization. The reason was the position of China, which insisted on the inclusion in the text of a statement of the provisions that would have condemned the United States and South Korea plans to place on the Korean peninsula, the US THAAD missile defense systems.

As the sources, the Chinese side insisted that the phrase has been included in the statement that “all the parties concerned should avoid any action that might provoke each other to an escalation of tension.”

The Chinese are also required to record in a document that the parties “must not place modern missile defense system in North Asia under the pretext of opposition to threats emanating from North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.”

Earlier, the US permanent representative to the UN, Samantha Power called for a “rapid and powerful response from the UN Security Council” to Pyongyang’s missile launches. It is thus assured that the deployment of THAAD systems in South Korea is purely defensive in nature.

10 August 2016

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