North Korea promises to answer the United States ‘unprecedented’ war

National Defense Commission of North Korea made a statement about the future of relations with the United States. In the published document KCNA said that the DPRK will no longer negotiate with the US leadership, leading “ferocious” policy and will spare no effort to strike back.

Military department of North Korea promised in case of necessity with the United States to unleash “an unprecedented war” using unique methods and all methods of warfare, including the use of nuclear weapons and cyber attacks, and atkzhe tactics and strategy in accordance with the Juche idea. At the request of the DPRK, the US imperialists themselves bring their final defeat.

Earlier, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said that North Korea is ready for the nuclear standoff with the United States. His statement he made during military exercises, during which simulated an impact reflected from the sea.

4 February 2015

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• North Korea declared its readiness for nuclear war with the United States and South Korea »»»
North Korea threatened South Korea of nuclear war in response to the beginning of joint naval exercises with the U.
• United States rejected the proposal to terminate the DPRK nuclear test »»»
Washington, Jan. 11 / Xinhua / - The official US State Department spokesman Jen Psaki on Saturday rejected the DPRK put forward proposals.
• North Korea made threats against South Korea and the U.S. »»»
The military command of North Korea launched today with the threat to South Korea and the United States.
The new leadership of the DPRK led by the youngest son of the late leader of the country Kim Jong Ynom appealed to the U.
• North Korea threatens to answer the exercises involving U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier full-scale war. »»»
In the area of the South Korean island sound new explosions.

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