“The plane will fly due to thermonuclear explosions” (Boeing designed the aircraft engine running due to thermonuclear explosions)

Aircraft engines, working through small thermonuclear explosions on paper engineers designed the Boeing. How realistic is such a development, and what fusion devices exist in the world, says science department “Gazety.Ru.”

While Apple and Samsung is granted a patent, which describes the development, which will determine the future of smartphones and other sophisticated gadgets of the future, other companies are designing the development of a scale. Thus, recently, Boeing has received from the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent approval for aircraft engine running due to the energy of small thermonuclear explosions. Although it is similar to the development and exists only on paper, the very existence of a project of this nature has marked the coming revolution in aviation, since all previous projects were designed to implement purely in the space sector.

While the majority of aircraft, including the largest of all commercial airliners Boeing 787 Dreamliner, used turbofan engines, in which the fan and turbine compressed air and fuel is ignited, creating the necessary thrust for flight. Thermonuclear engine which intend to build in the Boeing, it will be possible to establish even a spaceship or rocket.

The principle of operation of the new engine is as follows: set within his powerful lasers focused on radioactive material - deuterium and tritium, the radioactive isotope of hydrogen that are fed to the combustion chamber. Exposure to laser triggers nuclear fusion reactions that result in a small thermonuclear explosion.

The released as a result of the explosion of hydrogen or helium with tremendous speed out through the nozzle of the engine, creating reactive thrust.

This work does not end with the engine - a thermonuclear explosion leads to heating of the combustion chamber walls. This septum is covered with uranium-238, is reacted with a product of thermonuclear reaction - high-energy neutrons, which in turn, produce a huge amount of heat. This leads to the fact that the partition is supplied cooling liquid which, when evaporation rotates special turbine generating energy necessary for laser operation. And so it is repeated from time to time.

“The plane will fly due to thermonuclear explosions” - admires Deepak Gupta, senior reviews the most interesting patents YuoTube.

Such an engine will not pollute the environment and require a minimum investment once created. However, it will not be created soon, and the operation will have to seriously attend to security issues ………

13 July 2015

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